Female Breast Reconstruction Just after Weight Loss Surgery

In my pre-surgical consultation for gastric bypass weight loss surgery I keep in mind asking my surgeon “will I drop my breasts?” He assured me, yes certainly, I would drop my breasts. Nine months and 100 pounds later they had been gone. I was embarrassed by my soon after WLS breasts, now deflated skin balloons hanging low on my chest. My breasts – my sexual pride and joy for so a lot of years – had been now ugly sloppy flaps of skin. I loathed my trimmed down naked boy-physique. Anything had to be performed.

Very first work: I elevated my physical exercise: bench presses and butterflies. That did not assist. Any physical exercise that operates the pectoral muscle tissues will assist tone the chest, but not the breasts. Breasts are not muscle tissue, they are fatty tissue, and thus do not respond to weightlifting or resistance physical exercise of any kind.

Second work: I attempted some rub-in creams ordered from the back of a style magazine. They promised to develop my breasts by two cup sizes. The guarantee was a lie never waste your cash.

Final step: Seek advice from with the plastic surgeon. He congratulated my weight loss, complimented my muscle tone (I seriously did do a lot of resistance physical exercise) and then he recommended mammoplasty & augmentation. He would take my deflated skin balloons, place them back front and center exactly where they belonged and inflate them with implants. I was about 18 months out of surgery and had maintained my weight loss for two or 3 months. I felt confident the time was proper to get on with the “finishing touches.”

The surgery was performed below basic anesthesia in surgical suite at the plastic surgeon’s workplace. He removed excess skin, lifted my nipples and repositioned them and inserted implants beneath the pectoral muscle tissues. He closed the location with surgical tape and bound me in a surgical help bra. Just after I was awake from the anesthesia my husband took me house to rest and recover.

There was a terrific deal of discomfort from the muscle tissues getting lifted and moved in surgery. Also, the weight of the implants seemed terrific on my chest. Sitting was the most comfy position. Lying down or standing triggered discomfort. I took prescription discomfort medication for six days and then more than-the-counter discomfort medicine for one more two weeks. At initial the breasts did not appear regular (what is regular about implants?) and I had the equivalent of breast postpartum sadness asking repeatedly “What have I performed to my physique?”

Nonetheless, as the discomfort subsided so did my sadness or regret. My new breasts settled nicely onto my new modest physique and to this day I do not regret the process. I really feel like a attractive, curvaceous lady – the lady I never ever believed I’d turn out to be.

” Breast augmentation, or augmentation mammoplasty, has turn out to be 1 of the most regularly requested plastic surgery procedures by ladies of all ages. It is most usually performed to improve the size of modest breasts, right a distinction in size amongst the breasts, and for breast reconstruction following mastectomy for breast cancer. A breast implant is inserted either behind the breast tissue of every single breast or behind the pectoralis big muscle, the big muscle of the chest wall, thereby rising the size of the breast.”

Author: Melanie