Laser Liposuction Avoids And Corrects Post Suction Bumps, Lumps And Skin Irregularities

Non laser liposuction is the most typically performed plastic surgery process in the globe. However as a lot of as 20% of men and women who have had this surgery have skin irregularities, lumps, bumps and wavy lines on the skin soon after non laser liposuction. Numerous extra men and women complain of loose skin soon after non laser liposuction.

The new laser liposuction accomplishes fat removal but also leaves the skin smooth with no the lumps, bumps, wavy lines, and skin irregularities named contour deformities. This new laser liposuction technologies is a revolutionary advance in plastic surgery and especially is the region of liposculpting and physique contouring.

The new laser liposuction permits the plastic surgeon to melt and get rid of fat, tighten skin and genuinely accurately reach physique shaping and physique contouring and leave smooth tight skin in virtually any physique region for the initial time.

What causes lumps, bumps and skin irregularities?

The standard operation removes fat by building higher stress suction inside a metal tube named a cannula, which is inserted beneath the skin to suction or vacuum the fat out from beneath the skin. This is a rather traumatic approach as the fat is basically avulsed or ripped out from its place beneath the skin.

It is also a “blind process”, that is the surgeon can not accurately see specifically exactly where the fat has been removed simply because the process is becoming performed beneath the skin and not beneath direct vision. It is for that reason effortless for regions of fat to be missed or left behind soon after the suction approach. These regions of fat left behind seems as lumps or bumps, contour deformities soon after the patient has healed from the process, generally in between six weeks and three months.

Skin depressions and wavy lines, the other contour deformities happen simply because the suction tube or cannula is placed as well close to the underside of the skin and suctions or pulls fat out that should really be left behind to make the skin remain smooth hunting.

Surgeons constantly attempt to leave ½ inch of fat beneath the skin to make the skin surface uniformly smooth. Having said that when the suction tube, cannula, gets as well close to the underside of the skin, this essential superficial fat layer is removed and a divot, depression or wavy line on the skin can happen. In summary, contour deformities are triggered by:

o Irregular, inconsistent fat removal beneath the skin o Fat removal as well close to the underside of the skin o Loss of superficial skin smoothing fat layer

How does laser liposuction keep away from contour deformities?

Laser liposuction is performed quite differently. A tiny laser fiber is placed beneath the skin and applied to melt the fat into a thin liquid ahead of any suctioning is performed. As the process advances and the fat is liquefied, it is quite effortless to pass the fiber into all of the deep fat regions, so it is significantly less most likely that the surgeon will miss or leave behind any regions of fat that could turn into contour deformities.

The heat generated in the course of fat dissolving also tightens the skin so that loose skin will not be left soon after the fat has been removed.

Since the fat has been dissolved into a thin liquid, removal is a lot much easier and significantly less traumatic than with the older approach. Tiny 2mm and three mm cannulas, suction tubes, can be applied to gently aspirate or suction the liquefied fat out. Fat is not pulled or ripped out in chunks as is performed with older suction tactics.

This tends to make it a lot significantly less most likely that that the suction tube or cannula will be forced as well close to the undersurface of the skin and generate a skin depression, divot, wavy line or deformity soon after fat removal is completed. In my encounter in the course of the previous year I have not had 1 contour deformity following this new process. In summary this new approach avoids loose skin and contour deformities by:

o Liquefying fat ahead of suction

o Use of tiny instruments

o Significantly less traumatic approach

o Firming of skin

How does this new approach appropriate old contour deformities from earlier surgery?

The tiny fiber that is placed beneath the skin has a red blinking light which is visible by means of the skin. Since of this for the initial time the surgeon can really see specifically exactly where he is operating in the fat beneath the skin.

With this approach I use the fiber to treat and liquefy fat only in the regions of lumps and bumps and contour irregularities. This permits me to get rid of the lumps and bumps and level the skin to the similar level as the other regions surrounding the deformity.

In addition, I use the fiber to treat, smooth and tighten all of the surrounding skin to generate a uniform look to the whole skin surface. My outcome so far treating post operative skin deformities have been definitely gorgeous. My sufferers have been “thrilled” with the improvement.

If you are contemplating fat removal, physique contouring, physique sculpture or liposculpture you genuinely need to have to discover extra about the new modern day technologies. There are a lot of diverse machines and technologies and some operate far better than other individuals. You need to have to be an informed customer so that you will finish up becoming a delighted and happy patient.

Author: Melanie